Groundwater Licence Administration

Sports Turf Technology can assist with all requirements associated with groundwater licencing.  Groundwater licence renewal, operating strategies, annual reporting, monitoring program development and implementation, DWER Water Online portal management, and data collection and collation are all part of our service.

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fertilising recommendations

Fertilising recommendations

Sports Turf Technology provides best practice fertiliser recommendations based on leaf and soil analysis, using recognised industry thresholds and following environmental guidelines for fertilising on the Swan Coastal Plain

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Environmental monitoring

Sports Turf Technology undertakes regular monitoring of environmentally sensitive turf sites and prepares monitoring reports and nutrient irrigation management plans (NIMP). We also install and monitor lysimeters to measure nutrient leaching in turf.

Group 13

Sting nematode management

Sports Turf Technology has gained considerable expertise in the management of sting nematodes in turf and can provide advice on site-specific management strategies.

Group 14
problem solving

Problem solving

Sports Turf Technology conducts site investigations of turf and soil conditions to diagnose problems and make recommendations for treatment or other remedial action. We hold a nearmap® licence and are able to track ground condition over time from an aerial perspective.

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ps services

Analytical services

Sports Turf Technology has access to a range of specialized laboratory services:

  • Leaf nutrient analysis
  • Soil nutrient analysis
  • Water quality analysis
  • Nematode analysis
  • Particle size analysis
  • Water repellency
  • Organic fines
Group 16

Soil moisture monitoring

Sports Turf Technology offers a continuous soil moisture monitoring service using the hornet soil moisture monitoring system.

Group 17

Irrigation auditing

Ken Johnston and Peter Ruscoe are certified by Irrigation Australia as Irrigation Auditors (Landscape) and Irrigation Agronomists. We can provide irrigation system performance assessments, irrigation schedules tailored to each system and turf use, and irrigation system replacement recommendations.

Group 19

Contract specifications and auditing

Sports Turf Technology will develop technical specifications for all aspects of turf management, including turf supply and installation, root zone sand, turf renovation, fertilising and pesticide application. We can also perform audits to monitor contractor compliance with specifications.

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playing felid

Playing field safety assessments

Sports Turf Technology uses a range of specialised tools and methods to assess the condition of playing fields, including the measurement of surface hardness and traction.

Group 24

Turf maintenance and Renovation recommendations

Sports Turf Technology undertakes regular monitoring of turf surfaces and root zones, providing recommendations on turf renovation and maintenance activities, including mowing, weed control, wetting agents, top dressing, de-compaction, de-thatching and re-turfing.

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trail work 1

Trial work

Sports Turf Technology conducts product development trial work on new pesticides, fertilisers and wetting agents for manufacturers and suppliers. We carry out replicated trials on turf weeds, pests and diseases to obtain data for APVMA registration. Sports Turf Technology also provides practical demonstration trials on new products that can be used for marketing purposes. Sports Turf Technology is a Registered Pest Management Business (No. 1896) and Ken and Peter are both licenced Pest Management Technicians.